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We have a lot of happy users who really want to talk to you

The RealLife Guys have revealed an entirely different point of view. Not only by showing people how to come together through the English language but also by living their dreams.
Claudia Schmidth - Germany
Claudia Schmidth
I found precious friends here, a lot of precious friends, and I'll be always thankful to you guys because you gave me the opportunity to open my eyes to a new world, like I have a new vision of it.
Nancy Valente - Brazil
Nancy Valente
Since I've joined RealLife Fluency Circle, I've noticed that my English has improved dramatically not only in one aspect but in almost every aspects (Writing, listening, speaking and reading).
Rawda Hejazy - Egypt
Rawda Hejazy
What I like most about RealLife Global is that it's all about connection and interaction. You can find tons of resources on internet to study English but how are you going to practice it?
Jefther Araujo Silva - Brazil
Jefther Araujo